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The Fediverse Feels Cosy

Recently, I have started to use the Fediverse more and more and there is just this feeling that I can’t shake off. It just feels more cosy. It feels like there is a smaller, yet more tight-knit community that isn’t posting just for views or clicks but because they actually want to and are passionate about something. Comparing this to YouTube, my recommendations over time have just been becoming more cookie-cutter and less informational.

So far, my favourite platforms would have to be Mastodon and Peertube. I use Mastodon because I feel like it’s the default of the Fediverse. With a Mastodon account, you are basically able to try and do anything. I like Peertube on the other hand, because all of the videos on there that I have found seem to be nice and low fidelity. Compared to YouTube, they all seem to be homegrown and on topics that people find interesting.

Overall, I really have been liking the Fediverse because of how cosy and different it is from what I have been used to. 10 / 10 would recommend.