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How I Explore The “Small Web”

Something that I have started doing in my spare time is exploring people’s personal websites and blogs. There is just something magical about exploring people’s sites that you can’t get from social media. I could spend hours just going from site to site just reading random people’s blog posts and exploring the community they are apart of. Doing this was actually a major inspiration for me to create this website. So, I wanted to just make a quick post on where you can actually find these websites to try and get more people to explore a part of the wonderful world of the small web.

All I have been doing at the moment is just going to one of these sites:

The first four sites are all lists of websites that are under their respective size. I find these lists are are very good because I find the size constraint typically attracts the small, personal websites that I love. The fifth one is a search engine called ‘Wiby’. Wiby is a search engine that only indexes non-commercial websites that only contain simple HTML.

After finding a website on one of these sites, I typically just start exploring both whatever is on that site and any other sites that it links to and bookmarking whatever I like. I find that doing this lets me explore a lot more than the sites above would let me do alone.

If the site supports RSS, I would also highly recommend subscribing to whatever you enjoy. This is because there could be a big chance that you won’t see the site again if you forget to bookmark it.